Is your Printer Offline? We’re here to help! Here is what you can do!

Do you need printer technical support to resolve the printer glitches? Is your printer offline and not working even you are following the proper procedure? First of all, check the current status of your printer whether it is offline or online. Offline status indicates that your printer is not working and is unable to communicate with your device.

So Here we are providing a few tips by which you can resolve office matter :-

  • On the device, click on startup and control panel to view printer section and select printer apparatus.
  • Select your printer device and choose "find and fix" problems or troubleshoot link and click fix printing.
  • Troubleshoot result screen will show the detected problems and solutions to test your printer.

Some other Manual steps to fix the issue :-

  • If your printer is not showing in the printer section, then check the wireless or router connection.
  • Set your printer as a default one and stop the printing task until the matter is fixed.
  • Reset your printer and its setting to check the status if it is connected or not.
  • Create a manual network connection for printers or move your wireless printer closer to your router.


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